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Whining or Winning

by Lynda Pogue


Have you ever walked into a waiting room, staffroom or worker’s lounge only to hear whining about every little thing? There’s usually one tight-mouthed tight-shouldered person who begins the negative comment and then there are those who feed into it and others who laugh it off. Which are you? 

Last fall I clearly remember a conversation I overheard when I was in a cramped elevator and two young women were in it with me.

Person One: I was up at the cottage last weekend. The colours were sooooo beautiful!

Person Two: By the time they turn colour, all those leaves just fall and make a huge mess to clean up.

One: My nephew and I just love kicking trails though those fallen leaves.

Two: It’s such a mess and is back-breaking work if you don’t rake them up right away.

One: We love making big piles and jumping in them.

And on it went. No matter what ‘One’ said, ‘Two’ always had a downer to add.

One was a Winner and Two was a Whiner. I practically ran out of the elevator when we reached the ground floor. 

Examples of Whining behaviour:

  • Gas prices are too high.
  • Kids in gangs should be locked up.
  • I’ll NEVER lose any weight.

The same examples but with Winning attitude:

  • We have friends in Europe who can’t believe that our gas is so inexpensive compared to their gas. We’re learning about what it takes to run the bigger vehicles we want to drive.
  • That gang of kids over there has nothing to do if they’re not athletes. Let’s call the school and see if we can volunteer to offer some fun after-school Improvisation classes.
  • I’ve been upset about my weight for too long! I know it’s not good for my health. I’ve decided to walk a bit every day. Just little steps will help me.

Pro-active/positive folks are so much more attractive to be around… ask any hiring agency. You know the old adage that positive people attract and negative people repel.  

If you’re a whiner, then you probably aren’t even reading this. 

If you’re a winner (and you must be if you’re holding Women With Vision in your hands!)…. CONGRATS!