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When one door closes... another opens

by Lynda Pogue


When one door closes… another opens was one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings.

She’d muse about it to herself or would say it as encouragement to her grandchildren. And as the years pass by, I’ve experienced this phenomena so many times … I know that great ol’ gal was right! Maybe it’s because I was born on Christmas Day, but every once in a while I feel like a living advent calendar with doors opening and closing in my heart/body/mind all the time. 

If something goes really wrong I am learning to step back and to take a breath saying to myself: “What’s the message here?” Patience is a powerful virtue that I do not possess yet I am training myself to pay close attention when a disappointment occurs. I allow myself to feel the angst and do NOT allow myself to stay in that unhealthy negative space. I know that eventually something interesting/valuable/good will come of this. Some call it faith. Others call it trust. And others call it fate. 

Because positive energy attracts positive energy (Just as whiners attract other whiners!) I’ve been extremely lucky in all my professional journeys. I put out upbeat vibes and it’s attracted all kinds of cool experiences/opportunities all over this wonderful planet of ours. Magnificent things that have landed in my lap in the most peculiar ways have always spoiled me. I’ve always had (in my mind’s eye) great jobs and have met the most stimulating people.  

And yet, there was one time when things did not go my way and I had to leave a job that I loved. I was devastated. You know the drill… “Where did I go wrong? Who’s got something against me? Who did they have in the wings?”  This scenario may sound familiar to some of you.

So, I was all jammed up and questioning my self-worth when my late friend (God… I miss him) who was listening intently suddenly burst out with an ear-splitting belly laugh. Talk about a showstopper. I stopped talking and stood perfectly still. My jaw dropped. My eyes bulged. Then I started to grin. Then giggle. Then roar. After a few minutes of holding my sides in pain from the laughter, I took a shakey breath and asked, “What the h-ll was that all about?” And he laughingly said “Lynda! Write them a thank-you letter! This is the best thing that’s ever happened to you!” 

Wow! A big fat revelation! He was absolutely right…that place was toxic for me. So when that door closed, I breathed in clean air, felt the sunshine on my shoulders and, like a long-haired dog who’s just climbed out of the lake after a swim, from top to bottom I shook off all that extraneous stuff that was dragging me down and moved on. With renewed positive energy, the doors started opening again.  

P.S. I wrote that gracious and tender thank-you letter to my former place of work. I never mailed it. I keep it to remind myself of the moment when a major door closed and my buddy helped me to open a new one. Maybe Fred and my Grandmother Martyn are smiling about this as they look down and watch over me.