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Being a Nighthawk has its benefits

by Lynda Pogue



I’m a night person, so getting up early, with the sun and the birds, just doesn’t cut it when you’ve gone to sleep at 2:00 (A.M.). I love working/painting/writing/researching/musing in the quiet hours. I have a few buddies who are the same. One laughingly said “I woke up at 6:00 in the morning yesterday. I was in shock. Hey…. Did you know that there are two 6 o’clocks in the day?” Another said, “I love getting up at the crack of ten!”


Cheery morning people’s eyes seem to cross when I tell them about a glorious discovery I had with a new painting at 1:30 in the morning. (For any artists who are reading this…. You need to buy an Ott-Light to simulate daylight. Very cool.) And… guess who’s a real morning person. My darling husband.


So, while on our summer sojourn to the East Coast (If you haven’t gone yet, you’ve gotta experience Lunenburg, Chester, Halifax…… ahhhhhh those fresh lobster and drawn butter dinners.) and being away from the ever-beckoning computer and telephone, we got a little more in sync with our waking and sleeping states. Having the magnificent surf crashing about 4 metres from the end of our bed really helped because one tends to be aware of the tides. Somehow it gets right into the ebb and flow of the blood in your body.


Anyway, we got more in sync timewise. Then there was the quiet night of the full moon with THE MOST AMAZING 3 layers of clouds producing a moonbow (I called it that. It was a full 360 degree rainbow at midnight!) with a bazillion boundless silver twinkles dancing across the ocean coming in a straight line right to me and into all the tidal pools just outside our rental cottage. There was NO WAY I could sleep. I wrapped myself up in a squishy white duvet, grabbed the binocs and sat on the deck all night long watching the moon move from one side of the world to another. Every once in a while, all those soft layers of shadowed clouds would part in one part of the sky and infinity presented itself with the never-ending stars …and then another time,  the man and the woman in the moon watched over me (If you’ve never seen the woman in the moon, she’s in profile looking to your left. She’s the right half of the man’s face. Seriously beautiful). The only sounds were the lapping of the waves in front of me and my husband’s occasional snores through the screen door behind me.


How could I not give myself over to that experience? It’s just in my nature to get all caught up in the physicality and awesomeness of whatever the night presents. Morning people have their own joys that night people miss. But it works both ways.


p.s. I convinced my husband to stay up for a few extra hours the next night while the moon was showing off again. Then on the following few days we got back in sync again. Waking and sleeping about the same times. Such is the life of a Nighthawk married to a Morning Person.  I love the Yin-Yang. The balance. Never boring!