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Sense of Style
by Lynda Pogue


Make the effort… you’re worth it! 

When traveling in France everyone notices that the women there, even those in small villages, have a Je ne sais quoi… a sense of style. There’s a kind of confidence they exude when doing the simplest things like strolling down a cobbled street or picking out the perfect orange in a little marketplace. Is it innate? I don’t think so. A charming French friend has told me that her mother and sisters taught her little things such as always throwing on a scarf and pin or necklace and earrings every day. Always having as good a haircut and shoes as you can afford. Always making sure your nails are clean. And never going without lipstick…. inside the house or outside.  

Why bother? It’s simple: It makes you feel better when you take a moment for yourself. This has nothing to do with the crazy fixation we have about trying to emulate some overly skinny model or movie star. These folks often have almost no personal sense of style. They and their agents are marketing themselves to the public… especially to teenage girls. What I’m talking about is simply polishing the silver to make it sparkle… and the silver is you. 

Perhaps you remember the movie “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Debra Kerr. Remember when they went to visit his gorgeous old French grandmere? She tore at your heartstrings because of her inner beauty and her lovely lovely sense of style. Just the way she pulled that shawl over her shoulders. Sigh. 

The image we’re discussing here isn’t about costly haute couture. Style doesn’t equate with money. It’s about thinking twice before going outside in an old pair of sweat pants. It’s about caring to put on a pair of fabulous earrings. (As an aside… I’ll never forget the salesperson that taught me about wearing big sparkly earrings with jeans if I wanted. She said “Why not? If they put a smile on your face… who says it’s just for special occasions? Isn’t every moment a special occasion?” Don’t you love that?) It’s easy to become a bit sloppy when saying to oneself that comfort is a priority. OK. So comfort doesn’t have to rule out style does it? 

For fun, right now, go and put on a pair of big earrings that you wouldn’t normally wear and see how spunky they make you feel! And when you feel spunky you hold yourself differently. You walk differently. THAT’S what your personal sense of style is all about.