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Lynda Pogue Studio

In my studio…
Playing with different lighting

The Persistence of Color
Lynda Pogue / a Solo Exhibition

Fogged In Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 72"

Here's the fabulous catalogue of the New York Exhibition: The Persistence of Color (PDF)

…a “WILDLY successful show!”

And here's the ARTisSpectrum interview (PDF).


You can see Lynda's paintings at:

Lynda Pogue Studio, Georgetown
In the film Man on the Train (starring Donald Sutherland)

Artist Statement

I'm in love with the immediacy of both encaustic (wax) and water-based media.
They both force me to “be in the moment” like nothing else I know
....they place me in a  surreal, totally responsive mode.
Having written books and articles,
I have experienced the safety net of an editor.
I stand exposed and vulnerable. No editor.
It's now between the artist and the viewer.
This is a powerful moment for me.
In Georgia O'Keefe words... “it's an intangible thing.”

Artist Bio

I've always admired people
who reach beyond their grasp.
Passion and gutsiness
are the hallmarks of innovation.

…Lynda Pogue

Lynda Pogue is an award-winning Canadian artist.
Her paintings are in private collections across the world.

Lynda's professional career began with teaching by integrating the arts throughout the curriculum for children, consulting in the arts, becoming an author, giving motivational speeches across the world, designing and teaching several university level courses across North and South America, coordinating the Virtual Classroom at Ontario's leading TV station: TVOntario, being Director of Education for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, becoming Second City Canada's first educational interpreter, and creating educational programs in Los Angeles. She uses the arts to add deeper levels of meaning to everything that she touches.

She is often asked to be a guest/motivational speaker at York University, numerous art guilds, leadership training courses, and the University of Toronto. In addition, she has edited and written for such publications as Women With Vision magazine (Canada), and ARTisSpectrum Magazine (New York). She is busy keynote speaking and leading workshops across the world, designing and teaching Expressive Arts courses and consulting with artists who feel the need to renew their focus and energy.

Lynda's continually on a quest to create fresh ways of expressing her original ideas. She is in perpetual motion: painting in her Georgetown, Ontario studio, showing in several venues, doing numerous commissions, and has successfully entered the exciting world of photography!

See Lynda’s résumé.

My love and my thanks go to those who have nurtured/inspired/supported my artistic growth:

Ray, Mom, Dad, Debs, Larry, Becks, Lucy Jane, Renata, Beau, Richard, Frankie, Petie, Albert (a.k.a. Dino), MJL, Cloud, Lou, Patty, Claire, Rod, Wanda, Chloe, Nancy, Rosemary, Marg, Ron, Jude, Jeannie, Lisa, Maggie, Don, Sharron, Lorraine, Peni, Bob, Angela, Doreen, David, Lar, Scooby, Wen, Nige, Susan, Wim, Sods, Natalie, Val, Fred, Roger, Claudia, Sandra, Carl, Uncle, Liz, Robbie, Xandra, Anne, Sybil, John, Mela, Gord, Jeff, Bev, Di, Philly, Lionel, Jim, Lex, Mary Lou, Bonka, Tracy, Caroline, Glenda, Dean, Michael