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Motivational Speaker

International reputation as an inspirational, innovative, high-energy professional speaker, author and workshop leader.
Extensive background in creating and personalizing speeches/programs to meet the needs of each client.
Recognized as an expert in motivation and is a sought-after perceptive speaker.
A positive influence that earns immediate respect from colleagues.

See Lynda’s résumé.

Photo of Lynda in action

“Thank you Lynda… I wanted to say thanks so much for all you did for us. You have no idea how much you have inspired me to go beyond the norm and to raise the bar for myself. Your sincere concern for people of all backgrounds and your obvious desire to build them up so that they realize that they can reach his or her full potential is exactly the reason why I came to hear you. I love your energy too. Thank you so much again for being such an inspiration to me and to everyone in the group.”

Lynda has spoken before groups of 25 to 1,500. Her unique style and background always brings out the best in people.



Educators: Early Years/Elementary/Middle Level/Post Secondary

(Contact Lynda to find out how she approaches working with educators.)

Building on Strengths

Designing / Balancing the Curriculum

Leadership From Behind

Motivating those with whom you work

Reinforcing Concept Development through Integration

Stress Release


Lynda is also an experienced and highly successful charrette leader. This requires a pre-meeting to determine the needs of the group. Then clients partake in a collaborative session in which groups brainstorm solutions to a problem or issue that's affecting the group. Report is included. Her message always underlines the concept of
Serious Empowerment.